Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Where Have All the Good Blogs Gone

Hydrogen peroxide makes your eyes burn. No one ever talks about this, but it is very true and the pain is very real. How come no blogs ever mention this? Does anyone know of a blog that tells you what things you should not put in your eyes to liven up a dull social gathering? If you do, make sure they add fingernail polish remover and corn dog sticks to the list and then send me the link. I’m tired of reading blogs that don’t give me information that I can use.

Blogging for the Novice

Blogging is not rocket science. When you think about it, rocket science is more like rocket science. In fact, I currently know two rocket scientists* and neither one of them blogs.

* It turns out they are rock scientists**
** Actually, I guess the proper term is rock collectors, and I don’t really know them. I
guessed the password to join their private chat room (“rocks_rock!”—it took me just
three days).

The Blame Game

I hate playing the blame game. First, someone says that everything is my fault. Then I explain how everything is that person’s fault. Then everyone in the room says that’s ridiculous because it’s obviously all my fault. Then they all blame each other as to who made me run out of the room crying.

Nobody wins the blame game. At least, I never win the blame game.