Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I'm back from my long break.

Last spring I bought one of those Do-It-Yourself laser eye surgery kits. It didn't go so well.
It sounded so simple in the ad.

Well anyhow, I'm back. And I plan to be back for awhile (as long as my new Do-It-Yourself intestine unkinking kit isn't a cheap hack, too).

I can't believe that we pay money for Do-It-Yourself anything. Can you imagine asking the neighbor kid to mow your lawn and he says "do it yourself" and then you give him five bucks?
It's like tipping a waiter who tells you "hey, your food is in the kitchen" as he walks by. I think I'm just about out of the do-it-yourself game for awhile.

The only kit I would still recommend is the Do-It-Yourself manufacturing foreign currency kit. That really was a money maker.