Tuesday, July 10, 2007


As craigslist is getting way too overpriced and way too strict about banning people from their site who take pictures of toy cars and pass them off as real cars, I have started my own list.

Used Cheese Grater - $6.50

I bought this cheese grater for $8.00 in 2001. It just needs to be cleaned. Otherwise it is in great condition. I only used it to grate cheese or cheese-like substances.

Collectible Plate of Cookies - $18

For the Holiday collector: This is an almost complete set of "Santa cookies" from Christmas of 2005. Santa ate 1 and 1/2 cookies. The cookie in the upper left has rare Santa teeth marks. (Plate is not included. Buyer will have to provide own plate.)

WTB: Pear Painting - $10
I want to buy another painting like this one but with a bite out of the pear. I am willing to pay $10 but would prefer to pay $6-7 (as it does have a bite out of it). No apple painting solicitations please.

Goat - Free OBO
This is an older picture, but the goat is still in great shape. It now appears to look more like a black kitten. This is normal for mature "investment" goats. I will entertain all offers. No backing out, though. If you look, you take.

Light Switch - $4.00
This is a light switch in my hall. It has never been used. It came with the house, but I was given one just like it as a birthday present.

Here is a picture of the light switch in the "off" position. I haven't tinkered with this switch much, but I belive it has several positions. Reviews of this model can be read at http://www.lightswitchreviewsandgulfwarupdates.com/. You can download the user's guide and current software updates for the switch at that site as well.

Peach and Drink Set (perfect condition) - $40

Your classic peach and drink set. Never opened. The picture doesn't do it justice. You have to see to appreciate. I think the drink that comes with the set is a root beer or possibly a Sprite. Like I said, the set has never been opened, so I cannot say for sure.

Disposable Telescopic Camera Lens - $80

It fits onto almost all makes and models of cameras and works just as well as expensive alternatives (Minolta XXR lens, $600; Hubble Telescope, $70,000,000.). The lens has been used a lot. It should probably be thrown out soon, which is fine, because it is disposable. I have included an actual picture taken with this lens below.

This pic was taken from almost all the way across the room! Great investment.

Lot of Cars - Free

I bought one of those new SUVs that converts into a truck, so I don't need all of these cars anymore. Come take all you want for free. I have them parked on my neighbor's lot next door, since he never pulls his weeds or takes care of his property. The best time to come get them is probably between the hours of 3 am to 5 am (I have a crazy work schedule.) It is best if you don't make much noise, as my neighbor has the terrible habit of just firing his gun at anyone trying to remove the cars or clearing the weeds off his land, even though it's a real fire hazard. First come, first served.


Chad and Amy said...

What the heck are you doing selling my stuff? Note to consumer: Chadslist is not for sale!

Jared and Melissa said...

I'm interested in buying your goat. My husband's birthday is coming up and he is in the electrical business. Your light switch would be the perfect gift!!!! I'll give you $150 for both.

April said...

I have to say that was a pretty funny post. I'm not sure what I enjoyed more though - the actual post or the thought of you wandering around your house taking picture of random objecs.

Mom said...

Is this for real?? Cause there are a few things I'd like to place a bid on.

Chad Hatfield said...

Does anyone know how to remove an item from the list? I have sold this same peach and drink set about forty times. It's great money, but people are starting to get mad.

p.s. - The set really is in great condition. Let me know if any of you would like to buy it and be added to the "buyer" list (really more of a "payor" list actually). Reply quickly before I find out how to remove the set from the list or mail the item to the first "buyer."
Send cash fast!

Chad Hatfield said...

A lot of people have written in to complain that the lightswitchreviewsandgulfwarupdates.com link didn't work.
Try pressing your computer's power button on and off repeatedly for about an hour. If that doesn't work, I'm not sure what to tell you except that your internet is broken (and probably your computer).

JAden said...

The hours of 3-5 don't really work for me do you you think I could come at about 1:30 am if that doesn't work how bout 1:59 in the night.

JAden said...

The hours of 3-5 don't really work for me do you you think I could come at about 1:30 am if that doesn't work how bout 1:59 in the night.