Monday, November 12, 2007

ATE Week results blog

Thank you to everyone who participated in ATE week. I browsed the newspaper this weekend and did not see a single headline about a bunch of homeless animals dying from bronchitis. Consider our efforts a giant success!

I have posted the winning entry below. It was pretty good. Of course, if there would have been any other entries, I assume it would have lost -- by a lot. As for the prize -- I will not e-mail a virus* to the winner for an entire month!** And now for the winning entry --

MOM: Who is going to win?
CLH: You. Nobody will join.
MOM: Oh my! I win!!
CLH: Yup. You is good.
MOM: Yup.

* at least not intentionally
** a month may mean 2 to 5 days in this context


Mom said...

Thank you for such a great honor! This is a magical moment!!!

Jared and Melissa said...

I did not win. Please send me a virus immediatly. Thank you!