Thursday, September 13, 2007

Things that make me yawn.

  • Boring wars.
  • Books on boring wars.
  • Movies based on books about boring wars.
  • Boring conflicts that never really become boring wars.
  • Feeling like yawning.
  • Trying really hard to make myself yawn.
  • The act of yawning.
  • Trying really hard to make sure the makers of the movie based on a book about a boring war see my yawn.
  • Trying not to fake yawn.
  • Anti-yawn demonstrations. (rebel at heart)
  • Seeing anything that makes me yawn.


Chad Hatfield said...

I know Yawn Week isn't until November, but I am feeling really tired today, and I just couldn't wait.

Also, I can forsee about one hundred variations of comments like this coming in:

What makes me yawn: this blog.
Know what makes me yawn? You.
I read this entire post, and I couldn't stop yawning.

I thought I may as well beat everyone to the punch.

Yawn on, dear friends. Yawn on.

Jared and Melissa said...

well they say if you yawn it will help your ears get unplugged. so its good to do when you're flying and stuff. don't forget its your wife's birthday today.

Mom said...

Very interesting. I better take that DVD set on wars back and think of something else to get you for Christmas!

Heather said...

That blog made me yawn. Ha Ha!