Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I’ve been receiving a lot of complaints lately that the little alligator at the top of the screen isn’t dancing when you click on it.

Well, first of all, there is no alligator on this blog. That should solve most of the confusion.
If you are still experiencing problems, try bobbing your head a little, side to side. This should make the alligator appear to be dancing. This tip will work for most all things, not just alligators.

If you have found this blog helpful, please click the dancing napkins at the bottom of the page.


April said...

Jaden really likes alligators. He loves the saying "see you later alligator" but often gets it confused and tells people "goodbye alligator" instead.

ronandlindahatfield said...

I actually looked for the alligator after reading your first line! You got me!!

Chad and Amy said...

i love it.

Heather said...

thanks again for your insights.

Jared and Melissa said...

People really thought there was an alligator up there? It seems like hardly anyone these days knows the difference between an alligator and a crocidile. I knew right away it was a crock.