Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Kid Projector Encore

The kid projector was so successful that I thought I would try out a couple of scenarios -- just for curiosity's sake.

A lot of people requested to see the results on these two:

Would produce the following:

Don't let those two together.

Here's another:

Would produce the following child:

Not bad. He's got April's body (tied up in his basement).

And finally, the one everyone is wondering about (What's next?):

Would produce the following child:

Looks about right.

Remember to go to and try out other scenarios for yourself.


Chad and Amy said...

Where do you find those? I think the kid projector should have switched Scott's and Derek's product with April's and Melissa's. Ours is dead on. In that Mitchell?

ronandlindahatfield said...

I think that is a picture of your Dad, not Mitchell! Very interesting...

Heather said...

Vey Cute!!!! I am glad that I haven't shown up on this thing.

April said...

I actually really do think that the baby on the bottom looks like Tom Tree's kids.

christine tree said...

your kid looks exactly like Tom's kids!

christine tree said...

oh. nice one april.