Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Kid Projector

I've been pretty anxious to see what my sisters' new baby boys are going to look like. I went to and submitted pictures of the parents. They have some very sophisticated equipment that projects the appearance of the child from a photo of the parents. It cost me almost $300 for each, but I was able to get a projected picture of what the new babies will looke like. It seems to work surprisingly well.

I've posted the results below.

Jones - Parents

Jones - Baby Projection

Holt - Parents

Holt - Baby Projection

Pretty impressive, eh? Definitely worth the money.

Tip: If you try yourself, make sure you submit large pictures of the parents. If you submit small pictures, the babies always end up looking like that white glove guy from the Hand Helper commercials. Other than that, it's perfect.


Mom said...

pretty funny. You always find the best websites! I think I will try it and see what Dad and my kids will look like!

Chad and Amy said...

We will have to coach Scott and April on how to teach "the body is a temple" FHE.

Jared and Melissa said...

That's amazing because if you look at Jared's baby pictures he actually looks a lot like that. Can't wait to hold my little black afro baby!

Heather said...

I am glad to be able to see what the babies will look like before they were born. Thanks.

April said...

If you look close at "my baby" he actually does have a Hatfield look to him. Combine that with Scott's sense of style I think that the projection is pretty much right on the money.

Chad Hatfield said...

oops. I guess the actual link to the website is

Sorry for the confusion.