Monday, January 12, 2009

Cash Prize Poll - Sponsored by FTWNAFBP

Please take the poll located at the right of the page. Fortunetellers of Western North America for Big Profits (or "FTWNAFBP") is offering high payouts for those found to be "touched by the rainbow's wisdom." If you select the right answer, you may win up to $5,000.* There is no cost to enter--unless you pay me of course, which I would be glad to accept if you need a tax write off (won't work) or less money in your bank account for some reason. Please do not delay. This offer will not last long (if it even exists at all).

*Cash prize is conditioned upon you independently buying your own scratch lotto ticket and winning. Odds of winning vary by each ticket as do cash prizes--thus the prize is stated as "up to" $5,000. If you buy a scratch ticket offering prizes of over $5,000, then it is possible to win more than $5,000. Again, this is only if you win, and you must buy your own ticket. Do not send me used scratch shavings.


barrito said...

I do the poll. I am right. I buy a ticket and guess what? I win 300 dollars that is all. I thought it was up to 5000 dollars. What a rip in the pants. I threw the ticket in the street to get hit by a car.


For the worst night allowed for barrito possible.

This is what it means to me for now always.

Sorry that you all see this anger.

Jared and Melissa said...

Can I just give you my credit card number? That's usually the way I like to handle these situations.

April said...

Put mine on Melissa's tab, she does like to pass that number out like candy.

Chad and Amy said...

What Barrito didn't mention is that when he threw the ticket in the street to get hit by a car, I picked it up and together we were hit by a car, which also caused my pants to rip.

Anonymous said...

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