Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Practice Makes Perfect

Johnny bragged that he could hold his breath for a long time. “How long?,” asked the other children. I can hold it until the bell rings. “Oh, no! Don’t even try,” plead the children. But Johnny did try—and he failed. “Give me another shot,” Johnny asked. But again he failed. “One more try,” Johnny asked. This time he took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and the bell rang immediately. "He did it! He did it!," the children sang. The third time Johnny did it easily. Practice does make perfect.


Henry said...

That's a great lesson on being positive!

barrito said...

So glad you came back. I got the worried worms.

I went to your house to see if you were all okay. I was not sure which house was yours so I knocked on every house on the street.

But then I realize that I do not even know what state your house is in.

I gave up. I am sorry for this.

P.S. Is your house in my state? Who knows, I guess.

Chad and Amy said...

I too have a bad case of the worried worms. I think that's what the doctor called it. Maybe it was just worms? Not sure exactly. I'll get back to you.