Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Feelings: Day 2

This morning I felt completely alone—utterly and completely alone. But I later realized that I wasn’t as alone as I had thought. Someone had seen me take the box of doughnuts from the staff lounge and stuff it into my briefcase. I am learning that I cannot always trust my feelings.


Chad and Amy said...

I'm glad that you're exploring your inner self. I think this must all be the result of the extra estrogen I've been slipping into your breakfast.

Kevin Henry said...

It's funny that you are finally having this feeling. Do you have any idea how many times you did something when you thought you were alone, but really people were watching you. Should we all share our stories here?

Chad Hatfield said...

Sure, everyone feel free to share a story here. But I cannot promise that anyone will compensate you for it. I guess possibly you could get some kind of grant or something, but I'm not sure how that would work or how long it might take. But the good news is that there will be no fee for sharing a story. So the whole no money thing is both a blessing and a curse.