Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My First Big Break

I’ll always remember the day when I finally got my first big break in life. There I was, being handed the keys to the most enormous house I’d ever seen. I felt a little awkward, not even knowing the guy who had owned this house. He must have been an old rich man who died without any close family or friends. However, I soon learned that a life of wealth is not at all as I had imagined.

The house was big, there was no disputing that, but the living conditions were not ideal. All of the rooms were packed with desks and computers. And there were all these people there telling me to clean everything up. Plus, they wouldn’t even let me move in any of my things. There was this one nice guy, though, who would drop by and give me a check every couple of weeks. So I put up with all those other things.

However, after a little while, I finally got rid of all those desks and computers and brought in my bed. And guess what—everyone was mad. Even the nice check guy stopped coming by. Well, I guess around that same time they must have somehow found a closer living relative than me, because that first man showed up again and asked for the keys back. At that moment, I knew my time as a big shot had passed.


April said...

I can't believe you would let an opportunity like that slip through your fingers!

ronandlindahatfield said...

I think I saw that house yesterday.
It's really nice. Too bad it didn't work out

Chad and Amy said...
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Chad and Amy said...

You should have just urinated on everything to claim it as your own. They could never have taken it from you then. I think that's a law or something. By the way, this was NOT captivating.

Chad and Amy said...

Woops...I thought captivating meant boring. Scratch that.