Monday, April 28, 2008

My Feelings: Day 5

Do you ever get so frustrated that you feel like just stomping on a bunch of wire hangers and then slamming them into the garbage can? That’s how I felt yesterday when I tried to build a robot out of my old hangers. I spent all day on it, and all I ended up with was a big pile of clothes on my bed, plus no one to make me a sandwich, which was the whole point of the project.


barrito said...

This is so much exactly how my soul feels. My soul wants to write this but I cannot type fast.
Sometimes I will pretend that I have a robot that drives for me. But soon I have to stop and drive myself because of all the people. That is my job.
I will use this advice: so great. Thank you for this chance: once in a lifetime.

Chad and Amy said...

Barrito: once I could not type that fast either. I'll tell you how I learned: by massaging bird feathers.